Tera online max inventory slots

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Thought I'd throw this out there, because many people might not know about this, but you can get up to 104 slots of inventory space divided in 13 rows of 8 spaces, you have to do some stuffs to max it tho so, let's get started

Online APK Decompiler.Free tera inventory slots for Android. 1 tera inventory slots products found. [Сервер] Слот для персонажа (3-8) - Tera база знаний 1.0 [Сервер] Слот для персонажа (3-8) Качество: Редкое Контрабанда Для уровня: 1 и выше Нельзя продать торговцам, Нельзя передать другим игрокам, Нельзя положить в банкДобавляет один дополнительный слот для персонажа. Максимальное количество слотов на одном сервере - 17. So I can only make two characters per server? - TERA... -… More permanent character slots with real money or ingame money to buy the character slots from other players selling on the broker.Or just buy them ingame, because it's super-easy to get money in TERA. What item gives me more character slots? And how much does it cost?

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Unlock Bank Slots Tera. Item Level72 slots of bank space costs as much as 8 slots of inventory space. .. I have an account totes, max bank slots, multiple felicities, an alt guild ..

Expand your inventory slots at the inventory expansion NPC, near the Velika Freedom Plaza trade broker. First two expansions are pretty cheap, the rest might be a bit costly if you're a new player (Altough they are 100% worth it, 100g isn't that much later on) Bank anything you don't want to throw away. Eso Max Inventory Slots - gveasia.com Max inventory slots tera. Increase Star Trek Online Arc Games.All players begin with 40 slots of inventory space. Extra Inventory can be acquired through purchase using in-game money, achievements, and quests, granting a player up to 104 slots of inventory. .. inventory expansion questTERA - En Masse inventory expansion quest. MadHobbit. April 2017 in New & Returning Player Help. I know about the guy we go to at around lvl 10, i know about the expansion we get for lvl 300 gathering. and the one for lvl 50. there was one you could get and go to several towns and gather some stuff.But i forgot where it starts and what level you need to be ... Tera: Inventory Expansion Guide - YouTube

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