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Creating and Applying Reflective Materials in 3D Studio Max By Brian-W.O.G | 3D Studio Max | Beginner This tutorial will teach you how to create and apply a reflective material with ease. You are required to have some basic knowledge on how to use 3D Studio Max to follow this tutorial. Our end result should look similar to the image below.

Редактор материалов 3d Max Material Editor. В данной статье разберем редактор материалов 3d max Material Editor. С помощью него можно осуществлять наложение текстур на геометрический объект, а так же редактирование материалов, текстурных карт и т.п. Compact Material Editor sample slots are full in 3ds Max Note: resetting the Compact Material Editor sample slots does not remove the materials already used in your scene -- it simply replaces the currently-displayedThe materials that are already applied to objects in your scene are still there, and can be loaded again into any Compact Material Editor slot...

Increasing the number of Material slots in the material editor

Material Tutorial: Leather in 3DS Max · 3dtotal · Learn ... It is quite easy to obtain a good leather material, although the leather material quality strongly depends on the illumination in your scene (Fig.01 - Fig.03). Fig. Fig. Fig. Before you start to create the leather in the material editor, you must first analyze exactly what type of leather you want to simulate in 3D Studio Max.

Фон в Слотах Material Editor 3d max. Важные для работы кнопки в правой панели – здесь мы можем сделать Слот в виде шарика, цилиндра или кубика, он обычно это шарик. Кнопку Backlight в принципе выключать не нужно, потому как она обеспечивает подсветку сзади.

Yeah, managing materials in 3ds Max could be more simple. Fortunately, the 2011 version is a little bit easier to use. In this post I use the 2012 version to illustrate the logic: it’s easier to understand, and in the end I’ll wirte down some advice for 3ds max 2009 and similars. How to Assign material ID's and multiple textures in 3ds Max When you assign a material ID to certain polygons, you will tell 3D Studio Max to use that material only on those polygons that you want. In this 3d Max video tutorial you will learn how to assign material ID's and multiple textures to the same source. 3d Laser Crystal In Vray - CienelDotNet Webmaster Tutorials

Zoom to a map/material after placing it into the Slate Material (3ds Max 2014 and above). Fixed another bug with opening the ‘Folder Browser’ dialog what occurs on some computers. Fixed a bug what occurs on some computers with setting the Material/Map Browser to old style.

Creating Standard Wood Material | Tutorial 3dsMax Let’s create some Standard Wood Material! Open your Material Editor ... select one of the material slots and ... wood material, discover 3d, discover 3ds Max ... 3DS Max - Changing Colour of Texture in Max ... - 3DTotal ... 3DS Max - Changing Colour of Texture in Max? ... 3D Studio Max and Mental Ray ... hurt anything if all your materials are in different slots in the materials editor.