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A Look at Players Clubs and Casino Comps with Darryl Sep 18, 2017 · Steve Bourie, interviews casino players club expert Darryl McEwen about Players Clubs and Casino Comps. Darryl has a web site at where he gives insight into how the Total Comps - How to get free goodies from the casino The casino figures you'll lose 0.75% of that, or $75, and at a 33% comp rate, you'll earn $25 in comps. But if you play a low-edge game using proper basic strategy , the house edge might be around 0.48%, for an expected loss of only $48. The Casino Comps System Explained - How to Make it Work

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It will really be tough to build comps to use for the trip that you will be taking, but grinding hard a couple days will build some points for comps on future trips. Obviously to build comps the fastest try to play at 1 casino or 1 chain of casinos that use the same players club. How to Calculate Casino Comps - BetFirm Everyone wants freebies from the casino, so here is how you go about computing comps.This is called “getting some goodies” and if you play long enough, then you should get as much as you can for free because mathematically, the casino owes you and it’s the least that they can do to compensate you.

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How to Get Comps in Vegas, Especially Free Hotel Nights 23 Oct 2014 ... I stumbled upon one method to earn free comps in Vegas and have ... That's how these casino owners can build 4,000 room hotels in the ... Best way to earn comps... - Las Vegas Forum - TripAdvisor

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(1) Comps. Comps issued to customers make up the lion's shar e of player reinvestment expenses. However, not all comps are associated with player reinvestment. Those that are include system generated comps that ar e issued thr ough the property's casino management system, primarily for meals at the casino's restaurants. How does the casino-hotel comp system work? - Quora 1) Make sure to first get a player's card at whatever casino you're playing at. 2) Make sure to get credit for each game (table or slots) you play, and whatever else you spend on. 3) Based on the casino, if amount you gamble > cost of hotel room, you will get a comp. Remember this is relative to the casino you're playing at. - Vegas Poker Comps